Duy + Phuong’s Real Wedding | Lan Anh Village, Saigon, Vietnam

Duy + Phuong’s Real Wedding | Lan Anh Village, Saigon, Vietnam

Posted on8 April, 2020

Duy and Phuong are fellow students from the same university in Saigon, but different circa. Through the student affair’s connections, they meet each other. Through their friends’ stories that were told at the reception dinner, I guess they were both very active in public activities, and they were definitely not just burying their youth in textbooks’ pages.

In the congratulation speeches, the couple’s friends gave us all some hints about how much things Duy and Phuong has gone through together. Adventures on motorbikes as friends, then lovers, and through setting up his own business as life partners for now.

That night, we were all giving congrats to their life-long commitments, cheers to all the hard times and good times they’ve been though, and celebrated a new family in laughters.  The gentle winds from the river, the smell of grass, the beautiful sunset, along with their friends and family made such a memorable night.

Venue: Lan Anh Village Saigon
Wedding Decorator: We Do Weddings