Duke + Yehoon’s Real Wedding | Villa Song Saigon, Vietnam

Duke + Yehoon’s Real Wedding | Villa Song Saigon, Vietnam

Posted on 1 October, 2018

“What if it rains?”

I guess this question pops up in almost every couple’s mind – either before they pick the venue, or afterwards, or both – especially with those who are planning on celebrate their ceremony in a tropical country – like Vietnam. And if you have not known Saigon – a big Southern city of Vietnam – I’d tell you its weather is not easy to guess. This city is famous for pouring rain heaven and hell for just 2 minutes, and then sunny again; some other times, it just doesn’t stop. 

The wedding ceremony of Duke & Yehoon was hold in an evening like that.

It was the first time I had chance to work alongside Orange Blossom Wedding Planner, but everything went smoothly. When I arrived, the decorations had been almost set up – the wedding arch, the chairs, the dinning tables – all were beautiful and elegant. But not too long after the beginning, things started to move sidetracked a little bit.

4 PM – the grey cloud started to rush towards our venues, and soon after that, water come from everywhere. Since the venue is next to the river, there was even more water flooding into our yard. The wedding planner had to rearrange everything, changed locations of everything and moved the schedule back. As photographers, we had a chance to witness how they cared for everyone and everything in the wedding. Duke and Yehoon also got through the thrilling moment with their enthusiasm, after a while worrying. You can’t control the weather, but you always find a way to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, as long as you have a trustful, handful partner – who to me, acted like friends and family to Duke and Yehoon.

After roughly 1.5 hours, the rain finally stopped, and as usual, I had the privilege to witness these beautiful moments where Duke & Yehoon finally celebrate the start of something brand new, surrounding by lots of love and laughters from their friends and families from all over the world.

Huong & Orange Blossom team, thanks for the great efforts you put into this evening. You make us all felt warm even though it was raining cat and dog.

Duke and Yehoon, thank you, your friends, and your family for all the trust, openness, and kindness. We were so glad to be there!