Anh + Uyen’s Real Wedding | Saigon, Vietnam

Anh + Uyen’s Real Wedding | Saigon, Vietnam

Posted on 12 March, 2019

Anh (Groom) and Uyen (Bride) met in their college. He was in the basketball team, while she was that club’s manager. All of us know what student’s life was – sometimes it could be rough, and fun at the same time. The story of how they eventually fall for each other actually evolves some fists, and some blood shed – not between themselves, of course.

Being crazy together since then, their POV about each other became solid (and quite different) through time. She said he’s “romantic, warm and caring”, while he thinks she’s stubborn, but has her own charm – and “yummy”

They have big weddings – one for his family & friends, and one for hers. It’s rare to see as many as in these weddings, even for Vietnamese, but since both of them are quite quirky and weird, they manage to enjoy every single moment from those days.

For me, it’s always a pleasure seeing a mother’s happy teardrops for her daughter, a warm, shaky squeeze from the father, and lots of smiles and laughters from everyone who’s blessing them, feeling happy for their upcoming journey together.